Aokigahara Forest (Book 1) - Fate and Honour John Gibbon


Published: December 10th 2012

Kindle Edition

8 pages


Aokigahara Forest (Book 1) - Fate and Honour  by  John Gibbon

Aokigahara Forest (Book 1) - Fate and Honour by John Gibbon
December 10th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 8 pages | ISBN: | 5.11 Mb

A Japanese Detective is betrayed by his wife and takes his own life in the forest. A beautiful English Spy is betrayed by her own people and hung beside him, but she invokes a Goddess as she dies. The Goddess intervenes and attempts to change their fate.Aokigahara ForestThe antique, gold light slanted down through the green forest leaves. A herd of deer grazed quietly in a clearing. From an oak in the centre of that clearing a beautiful girl hung, her fire-gold hair floating in the bright summer air. Her sightless green eyes gazed down at a strikingly handsome young man in a grey suit, lying in a widening pool of dark blood.

His lifeless hand still clutched a revolver. Into that silence between life and death stepped two Goddesses.“You cannot interfere, they are mine,” said the first.“But she cried out to me as she died,” said the bright Goddess.“You are much too fond of them- even I cannot change their fate now.”“But could we?”The witch Goddess laughed. “You are much too wise for a hunter.

What would you give me for them?”“What could I give the Goddess of death?”“Give me two of your swift deer to run in the darkness beside me.”The bright Goddess shook back her fire-gold hair and drew her bow. She released an arrow and the stag folded onto his knees.

The herd scattered, but one doe made a stand, staring at the Goddess defiantly. As the second arrow pierced her heart, she knelt to join her mate in death.

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