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The Zombie Gang #2  by  Justin Tilley

The Zombie Gang #2 by Justin Tilley
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It’s 2017 and the United States of America is in peril, and not the kinda Peril they’ve put themselves in time and time again by putting their trust into the many charismatic politicians that have led them astray so many times. This time they’ve gotten themselves into some real shit by NOT listening to the average Joe that saw something coming nobody else did.The U.S. of A has been trying to regain order for the last two years. Every extremist and /or terrorist that has made their way into this country had a plan.

They lived amongst us for years, pretending to be local store owners, friendly neighbors, and in some cases even school teachers. While all the time they were plotting, planning, and training. They would lie about their homeland and where they were from, but us as a country would welcome them with open arms so they could spend the next 30 years secretly training their young and preparing them for that fateful night when the clock struck 12.January 1st 2015 America would be changed forever.

Hundreds of thousands of people were murdered in the streets. Local police officers were dispatched and came to the rescue but had no chance against the artillery being used. It took the death of whole police squads and too many civilians before America realized that there was war within.They sent the military to attack on their own soil to try and stop the attacks happening all over the country, but still two years later and a death toll beyond belief, the war is still going.

Some Americans teamed up and started vigilante groups to help but the military decided to stop these reckless groups as well as keep civilians safe by setting perimeters around small neighborhoods or apartment buildings to keep them in, and the enemy out. Some people called them safety camps, but others called them prisons.

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